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Wyldewood Soap Works started with a red headed country nerd who wanted a better option for her sensitive skin.  Commercial soaps and body washes kept her fighting dry skin year round and no amount of lotion or body cream could relieve the dry skin issues.  On a whim, she made a hand stirred batch of rosemary mint scented soap and loved the way it didn't dry out her skin.  As you know, that country nerd is me and that one batch of soap that I made 20 years ago has grown into Wyldewood Soap.  

All our batches are hand made and every ingredient is picked for the benefits it brings to the final bar.  I worked on my soap recipe for years trying to get my perfect bar of soap, and I am happy to say that our current recipe brings all the properties that I was looking for to each and every bar.  Each bar has a stable creamy lather, is cleansing with out being drying or stripping all the natural oils out of your skin.  Each and every bar is made to be a good hard bar and not melt away in just a few days.  We cure every batch of soap for at least 3 weeks before we even wrap them or offer them for sale.  

I also offer lip balms and different lotions and creams throughout the year.  If you are ever interested in a certain scent of any product, feel free to contact me and I will gladly make special order batches if I am able to source ingredients.

While my first batches of soap were made without goat milk, once I tried some batches with goat milk, I was sold on all the benefits that goat milk can bring to hand made soap.  The extra butterfat and milk sugars that are present bring a luxuriously creamy lather.  Goat milk has vitamins and minerals as well as alpha hydroxy acids and it brings numerous beneficial qualities to each and every bar of soap.

So here we are now with our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf  and Mini LaMancha dairy goats working hard every day to bring you our award winning soaps, lotions, lip balms, and other great bath/body items.

Thank you for stopping by!

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