Ingredient Spotlight - Olive Oil

Ingredient Spotlight - Olive Oil

Using olive oil in soap making is a time-honored tradition that brings numerous benefits to the resulting soap. Olive oil is celebrated for its moisturizing properties, mildness, and contribution to a creamy lather. Here are several reasons why we choose to incorporate olive oil into their formulations here at Wyldewood Soap.

  1. Moisturizing and Nourishing - Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which provide excellent moisturization for the skin.
  2. Mild and Gentle - Olive oil is known for producing a mild and gentle soap.
  3. Lathering Properties - While olive oil soap may not produce a bubbly lather like some other oils, it creates a creamy and stable lather that is effective for cleansing. We combine olive oil with coconut oil and castor oil to bring you a wonderful bar of soap with great lather.
  4. Hardness and Longevity - Olive oil contributes to the hardness of the soap, providing a solid and long-lasting bar. This is advantageous for both the soap-making process and you as the consumer, ensuring a soap bar that withstands use over time.
  5. Stability - Olive oil has good stability in soap formulations, meaning it resists spoilage and rancidity. This contributes to the shelf life of the soap, providing a product that remains fresh for an extended period.
  6. Natural Color - Olive oil imparts a natural golden color to the soap. High quantities of olive oil can be used to impart some natural coloration to finished soap bars.

In conclusion, olive oil brings a host of benefits to soap making, making it a popular choice for soap artisans seeking to create gentle, moisturizing, and long-lasting soap bars. Whether used on its own or in combination with other oils, olive oil adds a touch of tradition and skincare goodness to handmade soaps.

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